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Online Ordering

Step One - Identify your door and enter registration code:
The first step of ordering parts is to determine the model the door you own. If you own a door with a registration number of at least 16 characters*, you can order most parts over the Internet by entering the registration number in the entry box below. Photos of where to locate your registration number are to the right.

Make sure you enter the full registration code including the period in the middle.

Enter Registration Code:
Ex. 027132U.111970302 or 34904102.111020402
(You must have a period in the middle, and do not leave any spaces between digits.)

Doors manufactured prior to 1997 cannot be tracked online. If you have a door that may have been built before 1997, or could not find the Registration number, then complete the Door Identification Questionnaire. We will be able to help you with any needed parts. Not all parts are available on-line. For example, full length glass and screen inserts (because of shipping limitations) need to be ordered through your local Larson Dealer.

If you are experiencing problems please view our Online Support Page.

If you have any questions about security or privacy, read our privacy policy or contact us at 1-800-352-3360, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CST, E-mail us or, locate a dealer near you.

For doors manufactured before 1997, the registration number is a 9 digit number stamped on the door.


For doors manufactured beginning in 1997, look for the sticker (similar to the one below) either on the edge of the door, or on the hinge z-bar.

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